About Us

From the Heavens for the Taking

In the beginning, there was the apple, plucked from the branch by roguish hands. There were Adam and Eve and the serpent conspiring in the Garden of Eden, to eat from the Tree of Knowledge, to taste the most delicious and Forbidden of all fruits.

Forbidden Spirits Distillery is located 15 minutes from downtown Kelowna. This picturesque property is situated on 20 acres of natural beauty. Enjoy your drive through the orchards and farms and leave your worries behind. Experience our slice of Eden, taste the Forbidden!

Farm to Flask

We at Forbidden Spirits Distilling Co. take delight in capturing the purest essence of British Columbia’s finest produce.  Our small batch process offers us the time to carefully attend to each step from the orchard, to the distillery, to the cocktail in your hand. From our own apple orchard to our close relationship with local farmers we strive to use the finest local fermentables to craft an exquisite variety of seasonal spirits.

Become mesmerized by the view behind our tasting bar as alcoholic vapours dance across the plates of our handmade copper still as another batch of Forbidden Spirits distillate makes the cut.

Handcrafted Spirits from the Finest BC Apples, One Batch at a Time. It’s Purity is Unsurpassed, Offering a Taste of the Sublime.

What Makes Us Different?

We are a destination and an experience!  We look forward to hosting you at our premier BC orchard craft distillery.

Blair’s Story

An apple a day…
I moved my family to Kelowna, BC in the summer of 2010, and purchased a long producing apple orchard. Situated in a small corner of South East Kelowna, I set out to start farming fruit for the very first time.

“The spirit of Kelowna is alive on our farm”
After 5 years of cultivating, planting, fertilizing, pruning, harvesting and selling to large commercial co-ops, I felt detached and without any connection to our end customers. I realized we had to change direction, but, remain in farming and continue to produce a great tasting product.  I had to figure out a better way to add more value to our apples.

“I wanted to remain in farming and produce a great tasting product”
I stumbled upon a small distillery in upstate New York that was transforming apples into vodka, and the idea was born. I spent many months researching copper still manufactures. I traveled to Chicago, to meet the North American representative for Kothe. One of the oldest German copper still manufacturers in the world. We worked hard with Kothe, our many investors, local suppliers, contractors and service providers, to transform our property to what it is today.

A brand new 5,500 square foot state of the art Distillery and Tasting Room situated on a quiet road, in God’s country. Come see what all the excitement is about and get your “apple a day” in a whole new way!